Another dream

The rain starts falling outside. I open the window and notice the smell of rain. A storm is brewing not too far from here. I look into the distant horizon and wait for the lighting to appear; I can already hear the thunder. You are still sound asleep and I close the window to avoid … Continue reading Another dream

Panoramic of Life

This is a song about loneliness… No. It’s not. It’s a song about being alone with yourself, but not lonely. It inspires me to spend time with myself, to listen to my deepest thoughts, see my feelings and acknowledge them. It’s like a long walk in the desert, very much like the Australian Aboriginal walkabouts … Continue reading Panoramic of Life


Very, very short story written by yours truly. enjoy. 🙂 As he entered the room he felt a chill run down his spine, like someone had just danced over his grave. The room was a dark and eerie place, dust and cobwebs everywhere, but apart from that, everything was still in its original place; time … Continue reading Dreaming

The day’s events

Not much has happened today. As with the most of my days recently, nothing really happens. I wake up, go to work, work a bit, have lunch, continue working, have tea, work some more and go home. At home, cook dinner for two, cuddle, eat dinner, play some games with friends and go to bed. This … Continue reading The day’s events

The Holocaust

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. According to the News, Wikipedia, Books, Newspapers, Magazines and almost everything else the Holocaust was the genocide of an estimated 6 million Jews, 1 million Gypsies, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men by the Nazi regime. Even though I agree that such a thing should not … Continue reading The Holocaust


This is a first post of my renewed blog. I have decided to re-start this blog here since this way I have more control over it. I have also decided to write something to celebrate the reboot of my blog. OH.. did I mention that I started that blog back in 2003? Yeeess, that’s right. … Continue reading Rebooting