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Very, very short story written by yours truly. enjoy. 🙂

As he entered the room he felt a chill run down his spine, like someone had just danced over his grave. The room was a dark and eerie place, dust and cobwebs everywhere, but apart from that, everything was still in its original place; time has stopped flowing here a long time ago. Small vegetation started to grow in between the cracks on the floor, on the left wall there was a huge crack, top to bottom, from where the large roots of an ancient tree crept through. The air was stuffy but chilly at the same time, there was this energy flowing that one could not exactly pinpoint.
He kept on exploring the room, trying to figure out where he was. He had woken up here with just a flashlight, a knife and remembered nothing about getting here. How did he get here? What was this place? He remembered walking down a new path in the forest yesterday, or was it some time ago? What day is this? He knows it’s night time, the full moon in a clear sky is shining a lot of light through the windows.

Old furniture scattered around the big room, a big dining table, some chairs, candle sticks. Everything ready for a big dinner party; But, nothing else that indicates signs of life.

Suddenly, there’s a noise coming from the next room. Sound like a door, opening and closing. He quickly turns off the flashlight and finds a hiding spot behind the massive roots of the tree. Another clicking sound and the door opens revealing someone looking around into the room as if searching for something. He tries to make out who or what it is, but he can only see a shadowy figure on the doorway.

The door closes again and after a few minutes later he decides to leave his hiding spot. “So, this door is unlocked. I need to find out where I am. What the hell has happened to me” – he thinks to himself. At first, he peeks through the key hole to see what’s on the other side of the door, but it’s too dark and he doesn’t dare using the flashlight.
He tentatively opens the door and sees a long corridor that ends in two doors, one on each side. Large windows along the corridor cast out shadows from the bright moonlight. He starts walking and as he looks outside he sees the same figure as before walking away towards what looks like an old crypt or mausoleum. As he reaches the doors, he checks both. The one on the left leads outside to a path on the garden that clearly heads to the crypt he saw, while the door on the right leads to another room which looks like some sort of atrium with small tables and dresses around the walls. Two other doors can be seen, one opposite and the other to the left.
He can’t go outside, that person or whatever it is might be dangerous, so he chooses the atrium. But that leads to more doors, and who knows what else.

He opens the door in front and it’s another corridor while the door on the left leads to a big leaving room with a huge piano on one corner, a fireplace in the wall in front, some big chairs and a big oval table in the middle of the room. This room has no windows, but it has a big skylight on the ceiling letting a lot of light come through. There is another door to the left. He starts walking towards it and suddenly the lights are turned on.

The dust and the cobwebs disappear instantaneously, everything is spotless. He’s stopped in the middle of a brightly lit room, alone (he thinks), looking around. This can’t be right! Everything was old and covered in dust and now it’s sparkling clean! And who turned on the lights?

What the hell is going on here? Where am I?

Footsteps… Growing louder… His heart starts racing. Felling a cold sweat and an adrenaline rush he looks around for a hiding spot. as the sounds become louder he starts hearing some sort of music in the distance. He hides behind a big chair in the corner. The music is getting louder, it’s strangely familiar. The footsteps stop. There’s a clicking sound. The door opens…

He opens is eyes, sweating and sits up on the bed. To his right the alarm clock is playing the “wake up” music. Perplexed he thinks:
“What a fucking strange dream”

Geek Girls…

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After seeing this and reading this i decided to go back to a subject wich i wrote about some time ago; Being a Geek. Basically i wrote about the “geek is the new chique” thing and how it confuses me.
Having come across the subject of “feminist geeks” i do have to wonder how the need to belong is so rampant on human beings. Everyone needs to belong somewhere. The hipsters need to feel they belong amongst the hipster community, the geeks with the geeks, the intellectuals with the intellectuals, and so on, and that’s all perfectly fine by me; for instance, I need to feel i belong amongst the people i love and that love me back.
The plot just “thickens” when i start seeing people trying to belong somewhere they clearly don’t like just for the sake of it being cool. I do know it’s none of my busyness what everyone else does, but come on, seriously? Grow a brain will ya?
But i’m straying from the subject.
Geek feminists, what are they? According to what I could understand, they are just feminists who happen to be geeks also (men and women). So, basically they defend equal rights for women in a technological world, predominantly male (or so many think). Even though I agree that all men and women should have the same rights and opportunites (and that goes along with duties), I don’t like to think I’m a feminist; I prefer to think myself as a “lifeist”, because i think that all life forms deserve the same respect. Obvsiously there are differences between the male and female counter-parts of the human animal, and not only physical and genetic ones. Women have different thought processes; not better nor worse, just different. Most women deal with emotions in a very different way than most men; again, not worse or better.
So, the main complaint of both Nixie Pixel and Nice Girl is that they were “mistreated” (to say the least) in an Open Source Convention. They are absolutely right to complain, if I was in their shoes, I would probably raise hell. What I honestly don’t get is the whole “geek feminist” thing. The “you’re sexualizing the conference through your attire”. WTF? What, a geek girl can’t be sensual? Can’t a women wear a sexy dress withouth being called a “slut”? What if a man geek showed up like a “sexy as hell piece of hunk”? Would he be trashed also?
I am a software engineer going on 40 who loves everything computer; I love gaming, I play online with my daughter almost every day, I love programming ever since I touched my first ZX81. People who don’t know me may call me a geek, but I don’t consider myself to be a geek and never have; the truth is, I never really cared what label people put on me.
Throughout my life I’ve seen the “geeks” raise to the status of “coolness”. The geeks I remember from my childhood where usually withdrawned persons, almost anti-social, highly inteligent but usually with low emotional intelligence (no comments on the attire as it is everyone’s personal choice). A few years ago I started seeing “geeks” opening up, having a life away the computer screens, conventions started being big social events instead of “just for the nerds”. And I honestly liked that, it’s a good change, evolution whatever you want to call it.
I mentioned that I play a lot of computer games with my daughter. Yes, it’s true, we play co-op war games, tactical games, mind games you name it. One of the things I like the most is when we’re playing a multiplayer game like Sniper Elite v2, we’re basically kicking ass and everybody start cussing for being killed to many times. That’s when I come in and say “be more respectful to a lady”; the language changes almost instantly. Everybody stays in shock for a bit. Why is it so difficult to believe that girls also play video games? And why do some gamers/geeks/whatever stamp down on girl gamers that are also pretty (basically women).

I think I’ve digressed too much. Nixie Pixel and Nice Girl: It’s good to see people like you on this boring geek world.

Os animais

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Excelente crónica, no entanto, apesar de concordar com o Sr. Rodrigo, a minha opinião vai um pouco mais além.
“(…)Os animais não podem ser equiparados a objectos porque… porque… não são objectos.

Em quase todos os discursos e opiniões vejo o ser humano a tentar equiparar os animais aos humanos, seja para a defesa dos animais ou para os atacar; o que o ser humano se esquece em todas as ocasiões, é que nós (seres humanos) somos animais, tal e qual como os cães, os gatos e todos os seres animais desde planeta. Sim, sejamos nós bons ou maus para os animais, temos a grave e cruel tendência para assumir que “Animal: Ser vivo irracional, por oposição ao homem.” (é uma das definições do diccionário), no entanto se olharmos bem para o mesmo diccionário, a primeira definição é para mim a mais correcta: “Ser vivo multicelular, com capacidade de locomoção e de resposta a estímulos, que se nutre de outros seres vivos.” (Humanos incluidos nesta definição).

Posto isto, eu, como animal que sou, trato todos os outros animais deste planeta com o mesmo respeito que tenho por mim próprio. Respeito as suas diferenças, aceito-as e lido com elas. Recuso-me a invadir o espaço de outro animal da mesma forma que recuso que outro animal invada o meu espaço. Acredito que o “bem” e o “mal” não existem fora do ser humano. O ser humano é o único ser deste planeta que mata sem ser para comer ou protejer o seu território e a sua família. Quando um animal dito “selvagem” ataca um animal humano não o faz por “dá cá aquela palha”, fá-lo sim porque se sente ameaçado, porque está a protejer as suas crias, porque tem fome e necessita de comer, porque o animal humano está a invadir o seu espaço pessoal.

É desta forma que escolhi viver a minha vida deste muito cedo e tavlez isto tenha feito com que eu nunca tivesse sido atacado por um cão de rua (não foi por falta de medo) já cruzei caminhos com cães que metiam medo, no entanto eu reconheci o espaço deles e deixei-os em paz, da mesma maneira que eles me deixaram em paz, cada um no seu próprio território, sem invaões ou intrusões.

Geek, Nerd, Abnormal…

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What is this?! Suddenly almost everyone i know that wants to pass as being a “creative” person openly admits that he or she is a “geek”, or that he or she isn’t a normal person. So, for all you “geeks” or “abnormal” persons out there i present you here with my thoughts on the matter.

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary:
a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable

a person, especially a man, who is not attractive and awkward or socially embarrassing

Well, so according to this, everyone that calls himself or herself a geek is a person that is boring and not fashionable, right? You got that right, a true geek does not follow any type of fashion trend, however, in the current days, being a geek is in itself a fashion trend. Can someone see the contradictions involved?

People nowadays keep striving to be abnormal, in an attempt to be different. Well, the bad news is that, since everyone is doing exactly the same thing (boasting that one’s not normal), nobody’s being different.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to be special just by posting pictures or comic strips advertising how “abnormal” you are. You’re special just because you’re alive, because you do something that YOU want instead of doing something that others want you to do.

Has this happened to you before?

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While surfing the web, I found something that I actualy like and then, just as I enter that page, the first thing that comes across my eyes is a huge banner or facebook button “ordering” the visitor to press “like”. My instant reaction was to close the page.

Then I started thinking, WTF, why is the freakin’ “like ” button so important that people and companies place it above all other things in their webpages?


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“Vamos ser HUMANOS.” (quando se referem a termos compaixão, etc.) De onde vem esta expressão? Porque razão somos nós tão arrogantes ao ponto de pensar que enquanto espécie somos o supra-sumo da caganita do Universo? Será que o ser humano não se apercebe que é é apenas um monte de células tal como qualquer outro animal neste planeta?

Aldo Lima – Tourada

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Que moca…

Song To the Siren – Juno Reactor

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Aqui está mais uma cover desta excelente musica do Tim Buckley

Aaah… Piano…!!

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Planeta Terra

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Hoje deu-me para brincar com o GIMP.